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Full application development life cycle for:

Mobile apps

Native apps, progressive web apps or platform independent apps making full use of what each platform has to offer.

Web apps

Modern business critical web applications utilizing cloud technologies. Specializing in challenging back-end requirements. Interfacing with third party api's and hardware devices.


Applied machine and deep learning techniques to leap ahead in your automation projects. Robotics, image recognition, biometrics, chatbots, advanced data analysis are all within reach.


We let our clients speak for us:

Luc Moreau

architect, PM @ Arcelor Mittal

After quickly making ArcelorMittal's domain knowledge their own, tIPtec was able to thoroughly analyze our needs for a roll recutting and roll management solution. They then transformed this theoretical knowledge into a reliable, cost effective and in general useful implementation for all of our international stakeholders. It really was a pleasure to work with them on the entire delivery lifecycle of these applications.

Johan Silva

Ancillary product owner @ Brussels Airlines

“I have worked together with tIPtec on the Ground Operations Mobile Application (GOMA) of Brussels Airlines. Over the months we worked together I witnessed a great dedication to the Brussels Airlines team and to the goals we were aiming at with GOMA. Besides the displayed technical knowledge the daily showcased drive and passion were strong assets. Initially outside of the scope of the project but it proved to be invaluable nonetheless was the expertise in scrum methodology which helped our internal team learn and improve on a daily basis.

Lenny de la Fontayne

Development manager @ Van Inn

At Uitgeverij VAN IN we create the most innovative and qualitative educational tools. Their purpose: motivate pupils to learn and exercise, and assist teachers in their day to day activities. To do so we rely on creative and highly skilled people, like the people of tIPtec, who played a crucial part in the development of our next generation smartboard software which currently is a huge success in Flemish schools.

Andrew de Bruyne

Freelance Software development manager @ Brussels Airlines

tIPtec helped us a lot in the different domains of the company. They were always able to deliver on time, made clear commits towards us, had a no-nonsense communication and followed our internal development practices. They showed professionalism, were able to work autonomously as well as part of our team.


sharing our core values, beliefs and goals

  • Passion

    Do what you love and love what you do. We have a passion for transforming technology into solutions and we firmly believe working with passionate, commited and talented people will drive you to results which go beyond expectations and make you reach excellence.

  • Be curious, stay curious

    Sometimes you need to get lost first to be able to find your way! We won't stop at "it works" but will always look for a way to reach "perfect". Re-use what worked in the past but never be afraid to try something totally different to solve a similar problem. You will be surprised on how trying a different view, a different technology stack and a different team composition will drive innovation.

  • Authenticity

    We practice what we preach. Be transparent, straight forward, honest and do the right thing! NO NONSENSE !

  • Stability

    On a technical and personal level we stand for reliability. Through collaboration and teamwork we build up longterm trust relationships.

  • Success

    We strive for success but we don't define it as just getting rich. Seeing a truly satisfied customer, building a smart technical marvel or just having fun reaching our shared goals are just a few of our main succes indicators.

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